Preparations of my first fine art exhibition lead to the idea of producing different kind of collectable items.
Their task is to go hand in hand with the exhibition's presentations. I produced these in small quantity for this specific task.
If you are interested in getting yours, please fill out the form below for more information via email.

5 Postcards - Set A / faces:           7,00 €*
5 Postcards - Set B / dioramas:     7,00 €*
11 Postcards - Set A+B+extra:       16,00 €*

Free shipping worldwide.
*The turnovers from these postcard sales are exempt from turnover VAT
(Umsatzsteuerfrei aufgrund der Kleinunternehmerregelung lt. § 19 des UStG).
Please check back with the impressum.

Shipping information:
This ain't Amazon and I have to pack and prepare all by myself.
I am also travelling a lot for teaching painting classes,
so I decided to have shipping intervall dates:

... means I am shipping every Monday.

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