Who am I?

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My name is Roman Lappat and I am self-employed artist, mainly focusing on miniature art and modelling. Born and raised in Augsburg, Germany I have been self-employed since the end of 2009 and working with miniatures full time ever since. 

I am the founder of the blog Massive Voodoo, which spreads the word and the beauty of this form of art globally. Together with a handful of great friends the Massive Voodoo blog became a well known place to visit for miniature painters around the world. I use Massive Voodoo as a kind of creative diary and share my thoughts, ideas and projects.

Teaching my knowledge to many others is my passion as I studied to become a teacher on regular school, but dismissed this path of my life to teach what I love, not what others want me to teach.

I am teaching miniature painting classes all over Europe, private tutoring in my hometown and help aspiring miniature painters online as good as I can with my job. I love to add my articles and tutorials to Massive Voodoo's tutorial section, where right now we got about three-hundred-thirty free articles to be enjoyed by our readers.

Miniature Painting is not only my work

Well, being a Miniature Painter is definitely not the common every day job, but I will never regret my decisions in life. My job made it possible to meet many great people during my travels and I am really happy to have so many friends in this world of miniatures.

Painting miniatures and teaching it made me gain lots of experiences. I have been able to collect plenty on my creative journeys and these let me see the world, its beauty, its nature and the small things of daily life with a different view. With a sharp mind and trained eagle eyes I learned to observe and extract the small jewels of beauty and harmony. This is also what I teach.

My goal when teaching is to bring everyone a step further in his personal painting journey by offering different seminar subjects and writing a wide variety of articles. During my self-employment I painted over two thousand miniatures so far, taught over a hundred seminars and made plenty of other miniature enthusiasts happy on their journey of miniature painting. My personal painting focus currently is on display pieces, miniature projects to just look at, like an oil painting on canvas on a wall. I paint an average of six hours a day since several years now and go on to live my motivational motto of ...

Keep on happy painting!

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