I offer a wide variety of services for my clients:

  • Team building activities
  • Private coaching
  • Large group, weekend workshops
  • Event seminar teaching
  • Miniature painting commission
  • Consultation (from miniatures all aspects, to coaching, to contests)
  • Contest judging

Just to name a few ...

Miniature painting comission

As an Artist who lives with the work of his hands I am available for comission work. My offer to my clients focuses on unique display miniature projects, painted with my special touch of atmospheric color choices. I receive quite the number of comission inquiries, but sadly time and energy does not allow to paint them all. Nevertheless I found a way to ensure my best quality by choosing which commission I accept. If the project calls me I will answer the call and bring you the best one-of-a-kind result.

I have and still do comissions for private collectors, box-arts for companies and start-up-brands. My goal is to deliver the best and unique 'Roman Lappat experience' for my clients. Therefore I cannot name you any detailed charges as this depends on my client's personal wish and requirements. Contact me and we can discuss your idea in advance.

If you consider supporting me in my art, passion and work without comissioning a piece, please check my PDF catalog of Miniatures I got on offer. These are pieces I paint without a particular client's order, often sold quickly and enjoyed in private collection all over the world.

Maybe you just find what you are looking for.

I am looking forward to your email.



Teaching is my passion.
I learned to teach and now I teach what I love: Miniature Painting.

Since 2009 I have been running succesful seminars and workshops about the beauty of miniature painting and how you can grow and exceed yourself as a miniature painter.

You can find voices about my teaching in the Testimonial section. So far I have taught over one hundred-eighty Beginner Workshops, over seventy special group workshops, trained over two hundred private coaching students plus several smaller seminars on different miniature events. My main offer are the following weekend class concepts:

To get to know upcoming workshops, check this roadmap.

If you wish to organize a workshop with me,
please contact me.


Private Coaching

As teaching is my passion I came across the opportunity of students asking me for private coaching sessions. Thank you!

I am teaching my spirit of happy painting and my knowledge about miniature painting in one on one sessions since several years now. In such a training the students' learning curve is rising exorbitantly. You tell me what you want to learn and we meet well prepared to your individual studying goal in my hometown.

Contact me and feel invited to follow this link
to find more information and reviews on private coachings.


Team Building

You own a company and want to make your team enjoy the beauty of color in a very special and unique way?

Contact me for details on my offer of team building measures focusing on painting, miniature painting and the joy of learning how to use and understand colors.


Event Seminars

Spice up your event program:

You - and mainly your event target group - can benefit from having me teaching at your event. Alongside my large group seminar service I offer plenty of event optimized seminars. 

Feel free to contact me for details if you are interested in having me sharing my knowledge to the visitors of your event.

Make your event stand out in terms of teaching quality and benefit from my experience.



Having worked, full time, in the miniature industry as a self-employed artist for over a decade my insight can be helpful and you can contact me for easing your thoughts, answering questions and general consultation in the following subjects:

  • Seminar and Teaching Questions
  • Start-up ideas and analysis
  • Product development
  • Concept Art in Miniature Design
  • Successful Blogging
  • Competition Judging questions
  • Setting up a painting competition
  • Managing yourself as a full time artist
  • Project Support in general

It is best that these topics are discussed on a case by case situation to get the best for all parties involved.


Competition Judging

Alongside my experience in running many challenges, contests and events with the community of Massive Voodoo online I am also available for hire in the field of professional competition judging.

My experience consists of (without naming online contest judging work):

  • 2020: Upcoming Fantasy judge for the World Model Expo 2020, Eindhoven
  • 2019: Fantasy Judge Support, Duke of Bavaria, Ingolstadt, Germany
  • 2019: Invitation for Judging and Special Guest Nova Open, Washington D.C., USA (refused, private reasons)
  • 2018: Fantasy Judge Support, Duke of Bavaria, Ingolstadt, Germany
  • 2018: Invitation for Judging Scale Model Challenge, Veldhoven, Netherlands (refused, private reasons)
  • 2018: Judge and Special Guest, NOVA OPEN Capital Palette, Washington D.C., USA
  • 2017: Fantasy Judge Support, Duke of Bavaria, Ingolstadt, Germany
  • 2017: Invitation for Judging La Storia a piccoli Sorsi, Siena, Italy (Invitation refused as friends got married on this weekend)
  • 2016: Judge and Special Guest, NOVA OPEN Capital Palette, Washington D.C., USA
  • 2015: Special Guest, Monte San Savino Show, Italy
  • 2015: Judge and Special Guest, NOVA OPEN Capital Palette, Washington D.C., USA
  • 2014: Fantasy Judge, Duke of Bavaria, Germany
  • 2014: Fantasy Judge, Scale Model Challenge, Veldhoven, Netherlands
  • 2014: Invitation for Judging at the World Expo in Stresa, Italy (Invitation refused as friends got married on this weekend)
  • 2013: Head Judge, Crystal Brush, Adepticon, Crystal Brush, Chicago, USA
  • 2013: Fantasy Judge, Duke of Bavaria, Ingolstadt, Germany
  • 2013: Judge and Special Guest, Painting Crusade X, Bruessels, Belgium
  • 2012: Fantasy Judge, Duke of Bavaria, Germany
  • 2011: Fantasy Judge, Duke of Bavaria, Germany
  • 2011: Fantasy Judge, Monte San Savino Show, Italy