What is this so called "Miniature Painting" and "Miniature Sculpting"?

If you never heard about this artform and passion before let me explain it to you in some words.

It is exactly what the name is telling. I paint, convert and sculpt miniature figures, dioramas or vehicles. Sometimes I combine all of it to create larger dioramas. Some of them are bigger in scale than others, but compared to life-size statues they are all very small.

For my work I use a lot of small tools, brushes and a large variety of different paints. I create those small figures, guided by my imagination and inspiration - unique visions for every project. Unique, because the people who paint or sculpt their miniatures are individual characters, applying their own techniques, having unique styles, different experiences and knowledge and different taste and sense of colours.

In short, painting or sculpting a miniature is a very unique way of expression of the person behind the figure. Just like painting on canvas, but with a three dimensional canvas, in super small scales. For me this form of creation is my form of meditiation and a never ending learning experience about life, nature, colors, volumes, light and shadow and myself.

How big are those Miniatures?

It is really hard to explain the size of my works on photos. These will always be photos of miniatures and you can catch the full beauty of a project only if you hold it in hand and be able to look at it from every possible angle. Still it is important to me, at least - trying to explain the different scales I show on my page to my visitors. Therefore you can find many photos in my gallery with something for size comparision, like on this Roman Signifer bust. I also created a proportional scale chart to give a brief and rough overview on the different scale describtions available on my page:


Is Miniature Painting Art?

I often answer this question by saying the following: Art is happening in oneself. If you see something and consider it as a form of art then it is art for you. Let no one else tell you what you should see as art.