The Last Bite


Work: basing, conversion, painting, concept art, art direction
with the great help of the Massive Voodoo Community
and Speed Painting Workshop students

Scale: 28mm.
Zombie Miniatures: Different Brands
Survivors: Hasslefree Miniatures

Lastbite08 Lastbite63 Lastbite62 Lastbite61 Lastbite60 Lastbite59 Lastbite58 Lastbite57 Lastbite56 Lastbite55 Lastbite54 Lastbite53 Lastbite52 Lastbite51 Lastbite50 Lastbite49 Lastbite48 Lastbite47 Lastbite46 Lastbite45 Lastbite44 Lastbite42 Lastbite40 Lastbite38B Lastbite37 Lastbite36 Lastbite30 Lastbite29 Lastbite28 Lastbite25 Lastbite23 Lastbite21 Lastbite20 Lastbite13 Lastbite12 Lastbitewhite15 Kopie Lastbitewhite13 Lastbitewhite12 Lastbitewhite10 Lastbitewhite09 Lastbitewhite06 Lastbitewhite04 Lastbitewhite01 Lastbitewhite24 Lastbitewhite23 Lastbitewhite22 Lastbitewhite21 Lastbitewhite20 Lastbitewhite19 Lastbitewhite18 Lastbitewhite17 Lastbitewhite16 Lastbitewhite15